Custom Business Software for Windows and the Web

Jensen Software Consulting provides solutions to companies in the Dallas area, using the most appropriate technologies and proven software design processes. I have developed mission-critical business applications including:

I choose the technologies to apply to each project based strictly upon requirements. As no single tool is ideal for all projects. I have experience with many programming languages, libraries, and tools, including:

I utilize the below processes to aid in the design phase:

Perhaps more significant than my technical knowledge is my software design methodology. I begin by undertaking a thorough analysis until the problem is understood and the client understands the proposed solution. The system is then abstracted to separate unstable components from the core, and is then designed using the rules of object-oriented software design axioms to prove the claims of the requirements. Only then does the coding begin, applying reusable patterns to realize the proven design. Please give me a call to learn how I can exceed your software needs.