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Raymond J C Jensen

resume 1/1/2007

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Allen, Texas 75002  USA

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Electrical and Electronic Engineer with 20 years experience in software design, development, and maintenance. Extensive experience in the development of vertical market applications using .NET, Delphi, object-oriented methodologies and design patterns.


Hear in Dallas - ASP.NET/C#

  • Developed a web application for Texas Women’s University (TWU) to enable web-based teaching. Use Access for backend database and Flash for rendering videos.

Dobbs-Stanford Corporation - Delphi 6 DBIsam, ImageEN

  • Developed a sophisticated and user friendly graphic editing application, with integration with Powerpoint, to support the company’s EyezUp Pro unit. The EyezUp unit is a consumer product to enable a user to play a Powerpoint presentation without the aid of a computer

Lloret Data Systems - Delphi 4 & 6, Interbase, MSSQL Server 7, QuickReports

  • Integrated MS Office automation into an existing mortgage management system in order to add mail merging capabilities to print loan document confirmations. The system was based on Interbase
  • Created a scheduler for the ‘Entrack’ energy management system, to launch predetermined events, e.g. data import, at predetermined times
  • Trained the owner and the programmer in utilizing COM technologies as well as in the use of Delphi components
  • Maintained and enhanced their Retail and Natural Gas Marketing Management System software, which is the mainstay of their business
  • Converted their Delphi 4 meter reader import modules to COM objects in Delphi 6, also converted the data access to ADO. Added email functionality to the system to notify users, added to a predefined list, after a data import
  • Utilized OO methodologies and design patterns

Maverick Systems – MS Access 2000, VBA

  • Contracted to improve upon the reporting capabilities of a Microsoft Access based job tracking system for the irrigation industry
  • Modified system to enable the user to print job reports through a batching mechanism. Added new tables, queries, forms and reports to provide this batching mechanism to facilitate printing daily reports. Also added a form, tables and queries to allow the user to select from a list of reports to be included in a batch job
  • Modified all queries and reports in the system to make them ‘batchable’
  • Improved the efficiency of some of the more inefficient queries used in their existing reports
  • Added tables, queries, forms and reports to support an additional feature for managing sales leads

Priority Software - Delphi 5/6, Async Pro, TAPI, Multi-threading, COM, MSSQL Server 7, ReportBuilder, DBIsam, Access 2000, VBA

  • Converted major A/P accounting system for a fortune 500 insurance company based out of Sacramento from Solomon to Adapta Accounting, a SQL based system, using Access 2000 and VBA
  • Designed a fax client/server module to allow an insurance company to fax confirmations and reports automatically to a client as well as receive incoming faxes. Similar to Winfax in functionality
  • Created as a multi-threaded reusable client module with an interface so it could be added to any software that needs faxing ability
  • Created as a multi-threaded reusable client module with an interface so it could be added to any software that needs faxing ability
  • Created Standalone server module for queuing outgoing faxes by priority or by timestamp. System would also attempt resending failed faxes
  • Designed system to perform self-diagnostic on a timed interval to automatically remove malfunctioning com ports to improve reliability of system
  • Enabled system to send diagnostic information via email to a list of predetermined users upon any system malfunction needing immediate attention
  • System also logged all information regarding in and outgoing faxes to a faxlog in an MSSQL database using stored procedures and triggers
  • Server console also enabled the user to view and print all incoming faxes, as well as see the status of all the com ports utilized by the server
  • Designed system to use digi-boards, i.e. configurable for use with 1 to any number of com ports
  • Used object-oriented methodologies and design patterns. Still continuously adding features

Vivid Software - Delphi 5, Async Pro, ActiveX

  • Contracted to develop a COM object (ActiveX) for credit history cross-referencing for use in a web application
  • Created an automation server (ActiveX) to allow a web application to dial “Experian” and access the credit history database
  • Developed using Experian’s proprietary asynchronous communication protocol
  • Also added function to access Telecheck data in same ActiveX Server

Disk Software - Delphi 5, VB6, ASP, Access, COM

  • Designed and began coding a system for designing and analyzing computer networks called ANDCAD
  • Also designed and developed an MS ‘Dashboard’ like environment which would serve as the main UI for ANDCAD. ANDCAD was changed to be an ActiveX Form in order to fit into the Dashboard framework
  • Designed and developed an internet enabled project fulfillment system, that would also fit into the ‘Dashboard’ concept
  • Designed and developed a Business Operating System (BOS)/Peer-to-Peer technology to serve as the communication backbone for ANDCAD and the project fulfillment system, so they could be used in a collaborative environment by means of the internet. BOS was meant to be the hub, which would allow users to perform e-commerce or collaborate via the internet through our proposed ‘Standard’
  • Utilized object-oriented analysis, design, and patterns for CAD, eCollaboration, and eCommerce functions

Media Data Services - Delphi 5, MSSQL 7, QuickReports/ReportBuilder, Orpheus, Woll2Woll

  • Designed and implemented a system to provide advertising monitoring reports on commercial advertising activity to stations throughout the USA. This information allows stations to make confident decisions in pursuit of larger shares and new business
  • Implemented SQL scripts to import data and perform data validation from csv files into the systems tables
  • Created a batching system to set up and run a predefined list of reports automatically
  • Data entry screens were created for all the tables in the system, although most data was normally imported
  • Created SQL scripts for 9 complex reports to represent the commercial advertising data broken down in various ways to highlight important trends in the data

Crestpoint Services – Delphi 4, Ace Reporter, Orpheus and Apollo 4.5

  • Contracted to create a Pre-Processing System for tracking C.O.D.s for U.P.S.
  • The system was used for tracking and tagging packages
  • Developed screens for user input and for easy correlation with envelope IDs
  • Also added the ability to scan envelopes into the system via barcodes
  • Used Apollo for access to DB files and Ace Reporter for creating reports with bar codes for easier tracking of envelopes

Ram Quest Software - Delphi 3, Paradox, MSSQL 6.5, QuickReports

  • Contracted to write enhancements to software written for the Title industry
  • Wrote enhancements as well as maintained 2 versions of the same title software. One using Paradox (lite version) and the MS SQL version, the enterprise version
  • Added screens for printing 1099s as well as filing electronically
  • Used QuickReports and SQL scripts to add various reports to both versions
  • Used stored procedures, triggers and SQL scripts to add functionality to the enterprise version

VP Engineering C.M.S. Systems – Object Pascal, Object Professional, Btree Filer, Flashfiler

  • Designed and developed a comprehensive point-of-sale system. Later tailored it to accommodate the optical industry, primarily for Texas State Optical. In addition to tracking customers, inventory, sales, etc., the system automatically sends prescriptions electronically to the lab of their choice. The system is currently in use at over 60 T.S.O. stores across Texas
  • Redesigned the system using Delphi and FlashFiler as the Client/Server database engine
  • Designed and developed a module for the Texas State Optical laboratory, which allows them to electronically receive prescription orders
  • Designed and developed a job order tracking system for the staffing industry. The system also handles invoicing and payroll
  • Designed and developed an employee time tracking system installed at a Wells Fargo Bank. The system provides real-time reporting, and handles invoicing and payroll

Self-Motivated Projects

  • Developed a synchronization technology to automatically synchronize any kind of data across desktops, laptops and PDAs
  • Designing an internet based Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). A simple threaded CRM system which focuses on ease of use, visual appeal, consistency, and functionality. Tracks everything from e-mails to appointments and uses a special server based technology to synchronize data across computers. Created using Delphi 6 SQL Server/DBIsam, Orpheus and Async Pro
  • Created application to synchronize Outlook across desktops and PDAs using C#, POOM, MAPI, SQLCE
  • Created application to synchronize QuickBooks across desktops using C# and SQLCE. It also synchronized contacts between Outlook and Quickbooks contacts
  • Built library of Outlook/VS.NET style controls using C# and design patterns

Programming Languages and Tools

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Databases/Operating Systems

Third Party Libraries

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Multi-threading, Object-oriented methodologies, Software Design Patterns


B.S. Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University of Northumbria, at Newcastle Upon Tyne, England